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          Zaozhuang Sunweigh Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the south part of Shandong Province, Zaozhuang City, which is the railroad guerrilla force hometown, Also, Zaozhuang is called the south gate of Shandong Province, with a famous "Canal ancient city". In the east, there is Qingdao port and Lian yun gang port; Not far from the west, there is Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway. So the transportation is very convenient.

          Our company was established in 1996, which is specialized in designing and manufacturing industrial weighing equipments, automatic batching system and so on.

          Our main products are as follows: electronic quantitative packaging systems, automatic batching system for friction materials, refractories, fertilizers and etc., robot stacker and palletizer, eletronic platform scale, electronic hanging scale, liquid filling scale, dynamic belt scale, ton package scale and weighing systems management software.

          Main production facilities are: shot blasting machine, NC submerged arc welding machine, plasma cutting machine, large NC cutting machine, CO2 shield welder, automatic electrostatic spraying equipment, major shears.

          Main testing devices are: six and a half figure table, leak voltage tester, leak current tester, pressure tester and so on.

          Our company holds a perfect customer service system, which includes pre-sale services to help customers design, in-sale service to provide technical guidance and after-sale service. With a 24 hours hot line, we can provide our services whenever and wherever possible.

          Upholding the principle of " Technology first, Faith-based, Service-oriented", we are looking forward to cooperating with you!